New Green Deal (NGD) Environmental is a Florida based company with over 2 decades of experience in landfills.

We’re building a company that brings communities together by eliminating current archaic landfill processes and replacing them with modern patented technologies that save mother earth.

Mr. Leon Green, President, NGD Environmental has invented the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS)

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Introduction to ALBS

ALBS is a patented technology designed to eliminate traditional landfills, and make communities safer and cleaner. This sustainable and regenerative system is recognized by USEPA and is certified by the United Nations as CDM Methodology Number “AM0083".

Called ‘The Most Efficient Way to Run aLandfill’, this system can help us build a sustainable future. It will bring a revolution to recycling and waste management.

The traditional system has proven to be a failure. Trash goes into holes that keep garbage hidden from the public eye, however, we’re already facing a shortage of landfills. Once a landfill reaches capacity, the authorities find a new land site to create a new spot. This doesn’t only result in more cost but more contamination as well.

These landfills continue to produce methane gas that pollutes the environment and kills the purpose of achieving carbon neutrality. Our sustainable landfills will stop this from happening as they’re made to prevent methane from reaching the environment.

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How Does it Work?

The system works by generating Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) that may be traded in emissions trading schemes.

The average landfill and its methane output create a net value of approximately $22 million USD of carbon credits with a base carbon credit value of $40 per credit.

We’re creating a system that will tokenize Carbon Credits while also helping the environment. Reducing methane emissions is a great way to improve the climate situation and public health.

With our system, we will be able to eliminate over 95 percent of the methane gas released from the average landfill. ALBS is a global solution and can be installed at any Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill.

With ALBS, NGD Environment aims to improve air quality, water quality, and reduce the worsening climate situation. The system is odorless and effective in eliminating 100 percent of the contaminated groundwater from seeping into water tables. Our system will help provide clean water to more people while also reducing the carbon footprint of communities.

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What Does NGD Environmental Do?

We are presently working to consummate our first commercial-sized Aerobic Bioreactor as a startup. Carbon credits that we generate through the system can be bought by investing in the New Green Deal Token.

Companies will have the option to use or sell these carbon credits once they become available.

Get in touch with us to know more about NGD Environment, our goals, ambitions, and how you can help.

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