Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System

Schedule of Operations

  • Construct cell/complete construction

  • Install & Operate Aerobic System

  • Rapidly Stabilize Waste

  • Redevelop cell or Landfill Mining

  • Repeat as Necessary

  • The cycle can be completed in less than two years

With ALBS technology, NGD Environmental immediately impacts communities by drastically lowering their carbon footprint. We are currently in pursuit of and negotiating agreements to consummate our first commercial-sized Aerobic Bioreactor as a startup.

ALBS Highlights

  • Solves the world's growing landfill issue

  • Transforms the life cycle of a landfill to a perpetually cleaner, regenerative, and sustainable tool to recycle waste

  • Solves the need to continually dig giant holes to fill with garbage that sits and rots for 100+ years

  • Removes the need to contaminate more and more plots of land on a continual unending basis

  • Productive, high revenue generating landfills replace polluting plots worldwide

The ALBS system treats current landfill waste that’s in place over a period of 3-5-years. Once completed the remaining bulk of inert materials such as glass, metals, and plastics, are retrieved (mined) and are recycled, reused, or sent to a less expensive construction and debris (C&D) landfill. With the cell now empty and reconditioned, the landfill is then refilled with new waste and the Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor Systems process is reapplied, followed by subsequent mining events. This is repeated for multiple decades.

Saving our planet – one landfill at a time

ALBS has been recognized as a very efficient way to sanitize a landfill and we believe is the future of reaching carbon neutrality. We modernize landfills to be much more efficient and profitable and ALBS has no competing technologies.

  • Positive impact on communities, immediately and drastically lowering the participating community’s carbon footprint

  • The average landfill is 33 acres, holds 1 million tons of garbage, and puts off millions of tons of Methane Gas for years into the future

  • Methane Gas is 25 times more toxic than CO2. (ALBS) eliminates over 95% of Methane Gas emissions of a landfill

  • Each landfill retrofitted with (ALBS) is the equivalent of removing millions of vehicles from the roads

  • Our Aerobic Bioreactor also eliminates 100% of the contamination from seeping into our water tables and is completely odorless

Recognized by the US EPA and five states, ALBS is registered and approved by the United Nations as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). ALBS reduction methodology generates Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) which may be traded in emissions trading schemes. Our CDM is qualified as sustainable development which contributes to the ultimate .