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Carbon Footprint Calculator


To get started please choose from the following:


Do you longboard, skateboard, or bike to class?

Yes No

What size car do you use?
Do you use the bus?
Yes No

How many nights a week do you go out? nights


Approximately how many soft-cover books do you buy/quarter?

Approximately how many hard-cover books do you buy/quarter?

How often do you buy a new article of clothing in a given month?

If you drink your water from nonrefillable plastic bottles, how many do you buy/week?


Do you own a:

Smart Phone mobile phone

How long have you had your current cell phone? Please approximate in years.


Do you own a:

iPad Kindle

How long have you had your current eReader? Please approximate in years.


Do you own an iPod?

Yes No

How long have you had your current iPod? Please approximate in years.


If you're an on campus resident choose from the following dorms:

From the following list of appliances, electronics, lighting, etc, input how many of each item are in your dorm room and how many hours a day each item is plugged in. If you own an item not listed below please be sure to fill in extra fields: What is the item and wattage? You can find the wattage on the bottom of most appliances. Be sure to multiply by 1000 if the wattage is given in kilowatts.

ITEM # of items Watts USAGE: hrs/day plugged in
Refrigerator 160
Microwave 1000
Clock radio 10
Coffee maker 1200
IPod dock 100
Stereo sound system 150
Computer desktop 225
Computer monitor 15" 35
Computer, laptop 60
Printer 100
TV 115
DVD/CD player 30
Air conditioner 1,100
Portable fan 115
Space heater 1000
Halogen floor lamp 300
Incandescent light bulb 75
Compact fluorescent light bulb 20
Vacuum cleaner 1440

Please select which meal plan you are currently on.

Preferred Basic Junior Senior No meal plan

Please select which diet best applies to you.

Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore X-treme meat eater

If you drink coffee please select from the following options:

Do you buy food at farmers markets?

yes no


From the following scale decide how much of your waste is recycled (the average person recycles around 17% of their waste)

Below Average Average Above Average

From the following scale choose the amount of trash you accumulate/day (A bag of sugar weighs 4 lbs. The average person accumulates 4lbs trash/day)

Less than 4lbs About 4lbs Greater than 4lbs

On average how long are your showers? minutes

On average how many showers/week? times

On average how many loads of laundry/month? times

Average toilet flushes/day? flushes

Average cups of water you drink/day from tap or water fountain? cups

Do you use a refillable water bottle?

yes no




Category KgCO2e / year Percentage
Transportation empty empty
Partying empty empty
Consumption empty empty
Energy empty empty
Food empty empty
Waste empty empty
Water empty empty
Total:: empty empty

Your result compared to the carbon emissions of the average citizen in the following countries: